Friday, July 24, 2015

Playing with Fire by Kate Meader

When caught with their hands in the cookie jar Alex and Eli have an interesting, humorous time:
               Eager to be just as helpful, she pulled on his zipper, but it got stuck.            
             “You’re too”— hung, erect, hot for me—“oh, God, fix it!”
              He grunted in pain as the zipper jammed against his not-deflating-anytime-soon erection. She had no time to be flattered.
            “Alexandra, I can handle my own effing ***k.”
Alex isn't afraid to let her man know when he's slacking, “your morning -after care sucks, Cooper. I wake up and there’s no hard peen nudging my butt demanding attention.” I love this series the men are dominant and the woman have sass. This is my favorite out of the series I loved Eli.

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