Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fighting For It by Jennifer Fusco

While working out Jack likes to get things going with his girl, "he wedged himself back between Daniella’s legs, laid on his back and stared straight up at her. “That’s okay. I don’t mind the view from this angle. I can see up your shorts.” Jack is a considerate man or he just doesn't want to let his woman out of his sight, “my space is your space.” He leaned to her. “Besides, I called a housekeeper before we left the cabin. I had the place all spruced up for you.” Dani isn't stupid she knows when something is up with her man, "Daniella’s face creased. “Something wrong?” She pointed at her shirt. “I’m modeling here and you didn’t reach out to grab me. Either something’s bothering you or I’m losing my sex appeal.” I really enjoyed this book I liked that Dani kept her man on his toes.

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