Thursday, July 30, 2015

Capture by Rachel Van Dyken

Lincoln is a jokester, he's light hearted and loves to get Dani going, “I’m sh***ing you, Dani. I was sixteen, drunk, and stupid. I wanted to get a badass python tattoo. It ended up looking like ***t, so I turned it into a full sleeve so that it actually resembled something other than a man’s p***s on my arm, because honestly, that’s what it looked like, no going around it.” Rachel has this way of making her characters lovable and likable (which is kinda the same thing but it needed to be said twice) Dani was no exception she has this inner strength about her, “yes!” I slammed my keys onto the table. “Real people wear clothes! Not everyone’s paid to take their clothes off.” I enjoyed this book I'm really looking forward to Zane's book.

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