Monday, June 22, 2015

Be the One by Nina Levine

Jett that boy sometimes forgets himself, “Jesus, I’ve had this hard on all effing day and I forgot to bring a effing condom,” he mutters, looking as desperate as I feel." Jett really does have a one track mind, "shaking her head at me , she says, “Your phone is going crazy with texts so you need to stop imagining effing me and check those.” I mean seriously he's always locked and loaded, "I just screwed you twice in my mind.” Pointing at my ***k, I ask, “Can you see how effng hard I am for you right now?” I enjoyed this book, but her biker series will always come first. I wish that Presley's issue was resolved at the end of the book I want to know what happens, I'm hoping there's a novella that's going to come about with an answer to that issue.

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