Monday, May 25, 2015

Rebel by Kim Linwood

Gavin is quite the charmer, "I could do you over the sink. They’re snuggled up in the living room. They’ll never know.” His breath is hot against my ear, and his bulge presses into the small of my back." He's a.boy that doesn't mind sharing, "going to join me on the bed? Plenty of room, though I do like to spread out. You might have to sleep on top of me. Or under." Gavin is most happy when he's teasing and touching his woman, "nope. For once we aren’t arguing, and I like you right here. Your sexy little body rubbing against me, your sexy round a** grinding against my ***k.” Even as he says it, I feel his bulge swelling under me. “The fact that I can look right down your shirt." I loved this book I loved Gavin.

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