Thursday, May 28, 2015

Opening Up by Lauren Dane

I loved this book. I loved Asa, I loved PJ. This blows all the other books by Lauren out of the water. PJ she's bold, driven and blunt, "wait. I want to see you put the condom on over the piercing. I should know this. For future reference.” He pushed her to her back and she smiled so beautifully up at him he had to pause just a moment to take her in. “I really just wanted to look at your c*** with that piercing again. But I’ll happily watch you hold it while you put the condom on." Asa and PJ are perfect for each other, I'm not sure how to describe Asa exactly but I just loved him, "he pulled her close. “I’m testy because I want you so much. Also, this is a sh***y helmet. It’s not safe." He can be considerate, "first, I’m going to eff the hell out of you. Then we’ll relax a while and start round two." I really loved this book I can't praise it enough.

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