Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sweet by Tammara Webber

I really liked Boyce, "his brow relaxed and his mouth pulled up on one side. “I’m not exactly a subtle guy.” He has those qualities that makes you swoon, "his eyes sweeping over me, and I shivered despite a heat index that topped a hundred. “Guess I’ve always been distracted by your more… visible features.” He likes to go above and beyond to thank his woman, “I’m serious! I’m surprised—so bonus points for that. Not that you’ll need ’em.” I winked. “I aim to show you my sincere appreciation any damn way you want it.” In certain situations he worries about the wrong thing, I choked a laugh. “Boyce, you idiot. Your man parts are fine.” I liked this book not as much as Lucas's but I still enjoyed Boyce.

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