Monday, March 30, 2015

Sabato by MJ Fields

First off let me say there is no love triangle and even though one quote insinuates there is there's not it's just Melyssa having balls telling another woman off. I think she is going to be perfect for Sabato, "then we go somewhere that doesn’t smell like—” She walks to a booth and sits. I follow her. “Are you disobeying me?" He can be harsh and blunt and hurtful at times but I think he's scared to feel something, "you want me to be monogamous? Fine, then you’re going to have to stop being a little effing tease. In case you haven’t noticed, I like to eff, Melyssa. A lot." Melyssa I liked she had balls, "just so you know, he won’t be banging you in the bathroom again. While he and I are married, I’ll be the only one bent over the counter." Sabato acts like a caveman sometimes alright all the time, "I go to grab a shirt and suddenly he is standing in front of me, naked and erect. “Yours.” He nudges me with his c***." I enjoyed this book I liked seeing Sabato slowly change.

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