Friday, March 27, 2015

Interaction with a Dragon by Cheyenne Meadows

When Cannibal leaves a note the boy is straight to the point, "I’ll be hungry when I get up. Either cook or go out and pick something up. I don’t care which, but I expect hot food on the table at sundown." Never pi** off Alex the girl will go in for a kill shot, "with those words, I struck out with my foot, aiming for his crotch. Cannibal deflected the blow with a chuckle. “Going to have to do better than that, gopher." Cannibal is possessive, "his gaze turned steely. “While you’re here, you’re mine.” The low command reinforced his words." They have some interesting conversations:
           "I was! You said to find one place on your body to stare at. I did that.”
          “And you picked my c***?”
         My face heated. “Well… it was just there."
I enjoyed this book so much it was fun and entertaining.

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