Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow

I loved Lindsay's nieces and nephews they always put her a Noah in place, "naturally,” she said with a nod, and he laughed. But his smile faded as she added, “So why is it okay to hit someone in the ring?” The little girl and her aunt really knew how to make him squirm." Noah I extremely loved him he fought in MMA and the boy was a firefighter he was extremely sexy, "I’m going to kiss you again. Isn’t it obvious from the way I’m whispering against your ear …?” he whispered. “The way I’m tightening my grip on your hips to keep you in my arms…” His grip tightened. “And the way I’m lowering my head toward yours..." I enjoyed this book so.much the characters were lovable and fun.

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