Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back to You by Lauren Dane

I fell in love with Kelly she was kicka**, and strong and a joy to read about, "look here, buster. What’s between us, what’s always been there between us, that’s so good that it sometimes makes me forget the other stuff because all I want to think about is the sex. Or be doing it, or figuring out how to do it. I want us to have some , oh, I don’t know what to call it." She doesn't care if her man is a damn rock star she tells him like it is, "because you’re Vaughan Hurley and if we go to get pho three doors down you’ll get recognized and I won’t get to eat and you know that makes me cranky." Vaughan knows how to get his girl hot and bothered and I loved him, "he pulled her close. “You’re my favorite toy of all time. I like to play with you every chance I get." I enjoyed this book I loved Kelly and Vaughan.

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