Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Only Way by Magan Vernon

Tripp he's an honest, blunt person, "most girls in your situation would either want to fight me or eff me. The look in your eyes says you want a little bit of both." He often second guesses himself which in certain situations is sweet other times it's dumb like his woman is ready and willing and he's sitting there changing his mind, "on second thought. I think it could be a liability. One of us could fall and break the other's arm. No way would I want to show up at the ER with a broken d***." Sam's cat was my favorite character, odd I know but I'm a cat person I got one I love dearly and wish mine would act like Sam's, "I knew that one. Every time I tried to put my arm around Sam or get closer, the cat swatted me. It was the biggest c*** block I'd ever met." I liked this book at times it was confusing because the brothers names are so close together, Trigg, Tripp and Trey. 

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