Thursday, February 19, 2015

Surf & Surrender by Riley Edgewood

Sawyer there were so many characteristics that I loved about him but I think the one I loved the most was how sweet and caring he was toward his woman, "I also can't put her on this disgusting table. I can't stand the thought of her perfect skin covered in the muck of the workshop. But I can't fathom the thought of not taking what she's offering. I'm hard as a effing baseball bat, but this is more than that." His girl sometimes can't make up her mind so he always asks to make sure, "do you want me to go ask for a condom or do you want me to take my shirt off? I'm not walking in there without one." His girl Quinn knows how to tempt him, "I catch a glimpse of fabric, small and red. "Christ, Quinn, what's with all the lace panties? You trying to kill me?" I really liked this book and I loved Sawyer. 

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