Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paradise City by CJ Duggan

I was kind of shocked to see this ended in a cliffhanger C.J. isn't known for those now I'm impatiently waiting for the next book in this series. Luke I loved him, I loved Lexie and the time these two spent together amused me:
        "So you can guarantee that I won't be eaten by a shark, can you?"
        Ballantine sighed into the night sky. "Look, I am eighty-five percent sure that nothing bad will happen if you come in with me." 
The way these two are in public is funny:
       "I don't want to be a secret anymore," I blurted out. 
      Ballantine laughed. "Oh, I think we've established that." 
     "You don't care that people know?"
     Ballantine frowned. "I've never cared." 
Ballantine he's a take charge man sometimes in order to make his woman understand something he has to show her, "he took my hand, lowering to touch him through the strain of his jeans. "This is what you do to me." I think this is another series that is going to do well for C.J. already there's so many characters that I loved and wanted to learn more about. 

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