Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flirting with Disaster by Victoria Dahl

This book had so much humor especially between Tom and Isabelle:
        "Are you staring at my breasts, Marshal Duncan?"
        He jumped as if he'd been touched with a live wire. He couldn't deny it, and he couldn't excuse it. "S***. Um. I'm sorry." 
      She shrugged again, and to his complete shock, she smiled. "It's all right. If you were standing there in workout shorts, I'd stare at you a**. I guarantee it. Your thighs, too." 
Isabelle is a sweet girl she loves to compliment her man, "she watched as he looked for his pants. "I liked you a**." She's also a bold woman that goes after what she wants, "Isabelle ignore him and cupped her hand over the shape of his c***. "No. I want to get effed." I enjoyed this book and for once the woman was domineering while the man was a tad bit timid and shy. 

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