Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trail of Kisses by Merry Farmer

Cade he's not one for politeness that boy is so damn bold that it's borderline rude:
        "What are you looking at?" She demanded.
        Cade blinked, only slightly ashamed at being caught. "Your derriere," he answered.
Lynne she's just as bold Cade has met his match in her, "I will not," she insisted. She stroked his length to prove it. He was only wearing drawers after all. She could tell by the suppleness of the cotton. "You must want this too, otherwise why make it possible?" Cade he can be a romantic when he puts in some effort, "marry me, Lynne," he said. "Say you'll marry me, say you'll let me make an honest woman of you." A grin tickled the corner of his kiss-hungry lips and he added, "over and over and over." I loved this book I enjoyed it I loved the battle of the wits that went on between Lynne and Cade it was entertaining. 

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