Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Take Heart by Lauren Michelle Smith

I enjoyed this book so much, although at times I was more interested in Eric and Raven so I'm hoping the author will do a little novella with those two. Chase has a way of making his girl shut up quite effectively, "when he's done kissing me into a stupor, he slowly starts to back away. "Does one o'clock sound good for Saturday?" he asks, walking backwards to the front door. I nod robotically, unable to form a complete sentence. "Good, I'll see you then." Mia that girl knows how to blurt out how she feels, "oh, really? Then explain Christa and Tamika to me, Chase? What are they to you? What am I to you, huh? One of many? A casual effing fling? Because if that's where this is headed, we really need to stop." Chase knows how to make a girl's panties wet, "really. Now get your cute a** up and get ready before I change my mind and keep you in this bed all day. Staring at you is really starting to mess with my head." But that's okay because Mia knows how to get her man going, "his eyes widen in shock but in a good way. "You're not wearing any underwear under this dress?" he asks, stunned." I'm really hoping for a novella of Eric and Raven. 

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