Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Designs on Daphne by Lilly Christine

I loved this book it was so cute Rodric he was a gentleman, "soup?" Rodric scoffed. "What kind of dinner is that? What's your favorite take out, Miz Daphne? I'll just call ahead and order you something. We can pick it up on our way back to Hyde Park." He's really thoughtful, "almost to the kitchen door, he turned and smiled, a big crinkle-eyed, lovingly indulgent Rodric smile. Voice husky with emotion, he said, "you go do that darlin'. I've laid your nightie and things out in the bathroom." Daphne knows how to tempt her man, and her man is really gentlemanly, "darling..." he murmured. She touched him again. "Daphne..." A low growl escaped Rodric's mouth. He caught her wrist and pinned it to the pillow, growling, "if we're not gonna consummate here tonight darlin', or even great creative, which we sure could do, I have to ask you..." I really did enjoy this book. 

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