Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wife for Hire by Christine Bell

Sometimes the pretending went a little too far in their counseling sessions, "apathy? Darling, I'm not apathetic, I'm knackered. Your appetites are....unconventional to say the least, and by the time the props are put away, I need to rest. As much as I want to please you, it's unreasonable to expect it three and four times a day." Owen he's such a strong character one that doesn't back down from a fight, "one other thing. next time you volunteer 'intimate details' about our love life, you do well to remember this moment. Every time you challenge my manhood in public, I'll feel compelled to prove you wrong in private. It's in my DNA." He's always willing to please his girl, "I will play any game you want," he growled, following her. "Boss and secretary. Doctor and nurse. Or, if we want to take it into the twenty-first century, scientist and equally intelligent and highly respected scientist." This book had so much humor and it was so much fun to read.

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