Sunday, September 21, 2014

Midnight Kiss by V.A

AFTER MIDNIGHT by Sarra Cannon
This story sucked me right in from page one which a lot of books can't do that normally it's a slow start but not with this one. John to me he came off as a self-centered butthole, "when you've been around as long as I have, it's easy to tell when a girl has the hots for you," he said. Now he was the one teasing." But as the story grew so didn't John's sides and eventually I did fall in love with his a**.  In his own way he is concerned and caring, "he cupped my cheek in his hand. "Then maybe it's time you stopped running and started learning how to fight back." Although this story didn't end in a cliffhanger it did leave some questions unanswered I'm really hopping that the author does a full length book and we see more of John and Alli.
THE MIDNIGHT TEST by Juliana Haygert
Sean he was too sweet for his own good, "why? No one asked you out yet?" he asked. I tilted my head, wondering what he meant. He must have seen it in my face, because he averted his eyes and said, "I mean, guys must have asked you, right? You're too beautiful to ignore. Then, what? You said no because you the one you want hasn't asked you yet?" I mean I enjoyed the heroine being kicka** this time around instead of the hero it was a breath of fresh air, and hey Sean didn't mind either, "his fingertips traced my cheek and I inhaled sharply. "The way you just marched in this house and confronted that ghost, it was bada**." I wouldn't mind seeing this duo in a longer story and see how their relationship goes. 
SEDUCTION’S KISS by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Duncan he was a weird one, "a virgin. Have you had sex before?" He watched me carefully." Jeryl he gave me the heebie geebies, "have sex with them all? No. Of course not, Daisy. Your body is for me - and Duncan because he brought you in after all, but your blood. Your blood is for the nest." Owen we know him ladies from Levi's books and I'm happy we're starting to see the beginning of his story, "after all the work I've done saving you, I wasn't planning to hurt you." He smiled for the first time." I can't wait to see how these two unfold.
KISS OF AWAKENING by Jennifer Snyder
First of all I can tell you I didn't like the ending I was expecting my HEA not unanswered questions. Devlin I loved him right off the boy had that certain vibe about him, "I couldn't help myself." He pressed his lips against my ear so that I could better hear him. "You look too good out here to be dancing alone." And he tries to have patience with his girl, "holy hell," he muttered, pressing his lips against my ear as his hands resumed their previous position on my hips. "You're going to be the death of me tonight."

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