Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beguiling the Earl by Suzanna Medeiros

Our leading lady Miss Catherine harbors some serious feelings for Kerrick, "her dismay turned to outright disbelief as she watched Kerrick bow over the young woman's hand and lead her out onto the ballroom floor." Kerrick obviously needs to explain himself on some situations, "I do not see you as a child. And God only knows, I wouldn't describe my feelings for you as fatherly." The notion was the furthest thing from the truth." Catherine is a little temptress when it comes to her man, "she licked his flat nipple and his hard length leapt in her hand, telling her how much he liked it when she did that. So she licked again as she stroked him. "If you keep doing that, the evening will be coming to an end very quickly." I liked this book and I totally would read another one by this author. 

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