Thursday, August 28, 2014

What a Lady Demands by Ashlyn Macnamara

Yeah so Lind he can be a boob at times and it seems he's always spurting out the wrong things:
           "No," he protested. "It's not as though I planned...That...That just happened. If anything, it was the port spurring me on." A bloody wretched excuse if there ever was one.
           She raised her chin. "I see."
           God, could he possibly make it any worse? "I don't mean to imply you're not desirable. That gown certainly isn't helping matters." 
Cecelia that girl doesn't sugar coat and personally I think it stuns Lind, "me? You want to marry me?" Her heart slammed into her ribs, hampering her breathing. Odd how she felt that when she couldn't even feel the tips of her fingers. "When I'm not even suitable to act as your governess, because I'm so scandalous and impure, but you're willing to marry me?" Sometimes a girl has to stick up for herself, it's hard competing with the past but Cecelia is a damn soldier, "who are you to me?" she repeated. "How much does this marriage mean to you? I've been trying to drive the notion through your head all blasted morning, and you still don't understand. And perhaps that's my answer." She moved toward the door. "I'll pack my things. If I forget anything, you can send it along, care of my brother." Sometimes I got upset for Cecelia Lind that man just doesn't know how to move on until something drastic happens and then finally does the boy get his head out of his a**. I actually enjoyed this book. 

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