Thursday, August 28, 2014

Scarred by Kaylee Song

Thane that boy sure has a damn temper, "I don't want your effing help right now, M. I just want to get these damn sheep and get going, so we can get right back here, so I can dump your a** off." He's very alpha male, "he gripped her tight as he wrapped his arm around the small of her waist. "I told you I had plans for you tonight. You are coming home with me." Thane peeled out of the driveway and set off down the dirt road." He also likes to make sure he gets his sugar from his woman, "he crossed the room and grabbed her, his strong arms pulling her into his chest as he looked down at her. "I ain't goin' nowhere until you look up at me and kiss me." I enjoyed this book a lot I loved Thane. 

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