Monday, August 25, 2014

Risking it All by JM Stewart

Even in his sleep Kyle's body knows what it wants, "she knew desire when she felt it. She wasn't alone in that, either. Kyle's hips pressed intimately against her backside, and his undeniable erection nudged her butt." He's also a caveman when it comes to his girl, "then something snapped. A low, growling curse slipped from his lips, and he crossed the threshold. One strong arm seized her waist, yanking her against him, all fire and determination that evaporated the instant his body fused with hers." The girl knows how to show her man she wants him, "she slid her hands inside his boxer briefs to cup his firm, bare bottom and pressed him closer. "Kyle, please. I ache." I enjoyed this book and I really enjoyed Kyle I just loved him.

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