Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Yeah I'm going to like this serial. Grace she was so damn adorable, "and then I look down. Not at his...package, which I also see because it's in my line of sight. But at his swim shorts. Which are a limey shade of green. "Oh my effing god," I say again. Only this time it's out loud. "You're to guy from the bar?" Vaughn he's a dirty boy there were some things I didn't like, like the dinner with his parents scene I thought he was rude, crude and just an a**, but other times his dirtiness turned me on, "I glance down at his key lime shorts and see his bulge and then glance up quickly to find him smiling again. "Because that's an offer. I'd be happy to play the part of soft tropical breeze caressing you bare p***y."  Grace she's not a submissive what so ever but I think she's going to be good for Vaughn, "well, excuse me for having an opinion about sticking a vibrator up my hole in a five-star restaurant in front of your effing parents!" Next book please.

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