Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sugar on the Edge by Sawyer Bennett

Gavin is just one of those people who follows their own rules, who doesn't care what others think, "'s just. Maybe you should get dressed first before we talk." I blink a few times, trying to register what she's saying, and then drop my own gaze to casually peruse myself. Well, what do you know? I'm only wearing a pair of boxers with the fly gaping wide open, and my c*** is sticking out half erect." Gavin has brass balls and just says what's on his mind, "are you saying that you're okay with just a eff between us? You don't need a romantic dinner and candlelight? Soft words...slow seduction?" I loved what he thought about his woman, you could tell he was very proud of her, and she just always kept his interest, "oh, eff...she's seducing the s*** out of me and has no clue. The fact that my sweetly timid Savannah is demanding me to she can see my straining c***, causes my head to fill with a thick fog of primal lust." He's also not one to hold back the compliments, "Christ, Sweet," he panted when I was done. I crawled back up to lay beside him on the bed with a satisfied smile on his face. "You give amazing effing head." I loved reading this book. 

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