Saturday, July 26, 2014

Red and Wolfe part 4 by Ella James

Panties are needed for this one ladies, well actually panties were needed for all of them, but this one you might need an extra, extra pair. Red, she brings something out in Wolfe that I think he tried to long bury and that's well compassion, and actual feelings, "Jesus." He digs his hands into his hair and turns away. When he turns back toward me, I can see him coming into himself. "Effing Christ," he says. "I need to clean you up." Of course the boy is still a dirty one, but he's a dirty one with feelings and likes to get his girl excited, "you're asking for a thorough effing, Red. My c***, your pu***. Now." This one had more action than the others so it wasn't all about the sex, and you're emotions got involved as well as your inner organs. 

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