Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Once Perfect by Cecy Robson

I loved Mateo, "I'm not supposed to mess around close to a fight." His fingers skimmed my arm and his sizzling gaze traveled downward. "But you and that dress are making it hard." I loved the chemistry Evie and him had, "my nails skimmed the borders of his tats where they extended into his shoulders, then trailed down to his pecs until they dropped to tease his washboard abs. He watched my movements. "Do you like what you see, baby?" It's like he got all offended when she thought he didn't want other to know about them, but I liked how he straightened it out quickly, "he stopped eating. "No. I want people to know you're my girl." He frowned. "Do you think I want one of those punks always checking you out to put the moves on you?" I would love it if Sofia's book was next, there is a lot of potential there. 

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