Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fetching Love by Tamara Hoffa

This one was a little longer which means I liked it more, it had more of a story and more in depth of the characters. Chad that boy is something else, "yep. I'll take you anywhere you like. Maybe you could wear a dress for me and I could get a glimpse of those sexy legs of yours I've been dreaming about being wrapped around my waist." I just loved how he was with Megan, "I'm definitely hungry now," he growled. "Let's eat." Chad stepped back, but kept hold of her waist with one hand, guiding her toward the entrance to the restaurant." I also loved that he wasn't afraid to show his intentions, "does it have a bed? Because that's the only amenity I need right now. Well, indoor plumbing would be nice, but I'm willing to rough it." I really enjoyed this book. 

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