Monday, June 23, 2014

Rough and Tumble by Crystal Green

There is no way to describe Cash except for the fact I loved him, "he lowered the bra, then leaned his arm on the back of the seat again, close to her, letting the lingerie dangle from his fingers. "So tell me, Molly," he said, his eyes gleaming, "how much for your panties?" He's an impatient man, "take off the effing bedcovers and get on the bed, Molly." His tone was frayed. God knew how much worse it was going to get if she kept trying to blue-ball him." I loved the moments they had after naughty time, "he cupped her butt - no, her a** - giving it a squeeze. "As fast as you are," he said, "I need a little more time to get back in fighting shape." When he patted her butt cheek, she jolted, and he took the opportunity to unravel from her, rolling away, his back to her as she cleaned himself up." This book had so much adventure and really naughty hottie that I loved reading about. 

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