Sunday, April 27, 2014

Her Royal Masquerade by Natasha Moore

Vittorio has so much passion:
              "We have to talk." He drew her across the floor and out the door. The evening air hadn't cooled at all. Neither had he. He couldn't even remember the words he'd planned to say, the logical argument he'd prepared.
             This time when when she pulled out of his embrace it was with surprising force. She whirled around to face him. "What do we have to talk about now?"  
              "You. In my bed. Tonight." 
Mia that girl isn't one for holding her feelings, but she does it so lady like when she speaks her mind I was in awe, "no, Vittorio. I don't know this man you are now. You weren't cruel when I met you before.Yes, you were seductive and I must admit I fell for your charm. But you would never have kept me here against my will, I'm certain of it." I didn't really like seeing the cruel side of Vittorio, "I don't have to like you to enjoy sex with you." As if to prove it, Vittorio snaked his arm around her waist and yanked her to him. His erection pressed into her hip. "Even knowing that you lie without compunction, I am still hard for you." I mean seriously when Mia is around all the boy thinks about is sex, "very well." His hot gaze swept over her. "You can simply take off those clothes and dine naked with me. It is what a proper mistress would do." But it's not all fun and games when people's feelings are concerned, "he placed a brief, wet kiss on her lips. Her heart raced. "I don't want you to go. Stay. You can keep you clothes. I will buy you a beautiful house with a garden to dig in to your heart's content." Yea Vittorio every woman wants to come second to your wife, you're so great with words and women. I was pleased with the ending, and I actually just realized I had already read the second book in the series HAHA. 

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