Friday, April 25, 2014

Falling For Owen by Jennifer Ryan

The title sure fits the book because boy oh boy did I fall for Owen, "sweetheart, you never said no, either with words or actions, judging by the way you're holding tight to me right now." She unfisted her hands from his shirt, like she'd been holding on to a snake. He wanted her back. Bad." I loved the chemistry Owen and Claire had:
                "Please tell Janine I need five minutes."
                "To eat your lunch?" she asked, pointing to the bucket of food.
                "No, to stop thinking about you and sex." Her gaze raked over him, stopping momentarily on the bulge in his slacks before shooting back up to his face.
They're just so playful when together:
                  "I love all these hard muscles," she said, leaning back in his arms, her hands going to the button on his jeans.
                 "I have something else hard for...." You dies on his lips when she slipped her hand down his pants and boxers and clamped her fingers around his di**. "Ah, God, sweetheart." 
I love this series and I'm really excited for Dylan's story.

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