Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Her Dragon's Fire by Julia Mills

Steamier and naughtier than the first book. Aidan that boy always has his thoughts in the gutter when it comes to Grace, "yea, we do," he chuckled. "Pizza would be great!" Now if he could keep his mind, as well as, other parts focused on eating pizza and not on the irresistible woman on the other side of the door everything would be great." I mean the boy is just a beast, "Aidan barely kept his composure on the way to the kitchen, walking with an erection hard enough to pound nails was difficult to say the least but when he had scented Grace's arousal it took all of his considerable control to not fall on her luscious body and give them both the release they wanted and needed." I mean the boy enjoys some yummy parts on Grace, "his hands slid under the cheeks of her a**. He lifted her as he backed her against a nearby tree." I can't wait to see whose up next for a book.  

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