Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unfiltered and Unlawful by Payge Galvin & Ronnie Douglas

What a great book to start off a new series! I loved Sasha and Adam and I loved how Adam had respect for Sasha in some aspects, "he never picked up his fling of the moment in front of me anymore, but sometimes I thought that only made it harder to remind myself that he was off limits." The girl may think that she's not interested but she's interested, "I caught a glimpse of his co**, which even at rest was a beautiful sight. "if it makes you feel better, you can walk into my bedroom naked too." Adam I think he's fed up with Sasha not seeing what's in front of her, "well, there's that at least. I'd hate to be a lousy eff...oh, wait, we didn't do that. It's okay for you to suck my co** or for me to make you come over and over on my tongue, but no sex." 

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