Monday, December 30, 2013

Shit Kickers & Stilettos by Rita Sawyer

I think Dade has the hots for Ms. Rosie when we first start the book with the way he acts, "so I can assume since you won't be having my company there's not one special for you right now." He didn't step back when she spun around." Sometimes Dade has a hard time with words, but Rosie knows how to push him to get him to say how he feels, "Dade wasn't going to let it end like this so he grabbed her arm and pulled her back blocking her exit. "I didn't like the way he was trying to get touchy-feely with you, so I wanted to make sure he knew to stay the eff away." He knows how to sweep a girl off her feet with promises, "other than lying in my arms every night I can guarantee hot wild sex at least five nights a week." I really liked this book, I do love me some cowboys.

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