Sunday, December 22, 2013

She Kissed a Vampire by Carol Van Atta

Oh Alcuin I loved your undead a**, "Doll, you're staring at me but you aren't seeing. Did my compliment unsettle you?" I loved the connection Melanie and Alcuin had, "I have done everything possible to avoid this inevitability. I want you so bad I hurt. I ache for you, Melanie Larson, in more places than my fangs. This act will indeed bring you greater protection against our enemies, but also it will bring me great satisfaction to claim you." Melanie I loved her as well, but I loved how Alcuin cherished her, "you've managed to slay the beast, sweet Melanie," he whispered. "We've connected in a manner I hadn't believed possible. You are mine, and I am your, in every way." And when his woman goes missing he will literally break all Hell to get her back, "baby, I'm nothing without you. I've never felt more possessive. If anyone ever touches you again, I will kill them and ask questions later." I love this series and I can't wait to see what characters are next.

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