Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jet by Jay Crownover

Jet seems gentlemanly, "Rule sent me a text saying you needed a lift home. I have to go pull Rowdy off that chick and help the guys load the van, but if you can chill for like, thirty, I'll totally give you a ride." He seems openly honest, "I wanna have sex, Ayd. Lots and lots of sex... with you and only you. Does it have to be more than that right now? After last night how can you deny that you want it, too?" I think a certain piercing took Ayden by surprise, "I blinked in surprise when I was face-to-face with not only an impressive erection and ripped abs, but another loop that I hadn't been expecting." Jet he doesn't mind Ayden's curiousness about that piercing, "he grabbed my hand and wrapped the whole thing around the shaft and gave it a squeeze. "I've had it forever. I don't even think about it. You can touch it, you can lick it - in fact why don't you do both of those things on a regular basis?" I really did like this book but I'm really excite for Rome to come out and play in the next book. 

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