Monday, October 21, 2013

The Four Horsemen by Tara Brown

There are a couple authors who I always read their books when they come out and Tara Brown is one of them. Even in this installment I'm still Team Wyatt of course I do like the competitions Constantine and him have, "Wyatt shakes his head and looks inside my shirt, "There are two marks though." He lifts my shirt, earning a growl from Constantine." And I have to give props to Wyatt for having balls, "I just thought, why not? You can't touch me and I can't touch you, not without you being very sick. So why not?"  He steps a little closer across the tiles, smiling down on me. "Why not just take a good," he steps closer, "hard," and closer, "look at what we can't have." And he's possessive and protective, "yeah, but not every dud is gonna be able to see my wife's boobs." Yep can't wait to see where the next book leads us.  

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