Friday, October 25, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Seizing Fate by Heather Van Fleet

I totally agree with Emmy shopping for dresses is s***, "um...I'm totally hoping that your holy s***s are actually good holy s***s, because I'm so done with this dress thing. It's either this one," I motioned up and down my body, "or I'm going in my jeans and hoodie!" Zachary he's just not the same and well I've grown to dislike him, how he talks to Emmy, "damn look so sexy in that dress! Let's just skip the dance, and head some place far away where I can take it off you..." Um... gross! And then the REALLY despising started, "Jack left this morning so things will get back to normal again. At least until we have to head down there on Friday." He spat his words at me, threatening me with them... I didn't take kindly to threats, and I snapped my arm to my stomach. His fingers left a scratch from my elbows to my shoulders. The a**..."So if that's what's got your panties all up your a** today, then you need to get over it." I don't think he's a bad guy he's just I hate him and I wish his head would come out of his a**. Now Jack, my man, oh my man, LOVE HIM. And I'm glad that Emmy is FINALLY coming to her senses in some things, "he was mine. And I was his... whether he liked it or not. He tightened his hold on me, nuzzling my neck again, inhaling heavily again before he placed his warm lips upon my pulse." He's considerate this time around and if you think about him in the last book then...well he wasn't real considerate, "grr, stop...seriously, Emmy. Besides that, you deserved better than a hard, quick romp with me in some jagged cave, on a rocky floor." I FINALLY got what I wanted to happen in this book now let's see if the next thing (well two things) that I want to happen will. 

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