Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Alpha Meets his Match by Georgette St. Clair

Oh Bobbi Jo I love you and your spunk, "you're not turned on?" she said, moving her body against him. "So you normally carry a flashlight stuffed down the front of your pants?" And Jax you can tell he's quite the ladies man, "okay, you got me. You're kinda hot," he murmured into her ear. "Is that what you want from me, baby? I don't do relationships, but I'm good for a one off any time you want. If you taste as good as you smell, I might even let you come back for seconds." He's protective, "they all want you," he murmured. "The men, the women....because you're so effing hot, baby. But they can't have you. You're all mine." Pixie Bobbi Jo's bff hot damn I loved her, "wow, are all shifters huge like that?" she asked. "Because I've never done it with a shifter before, but oh. My. God. That is now on my to-do list." Jax gets a surprise when Bobbi Jo was going to do something special just for him, "really?" Jax suddenly realized he was grinning like an idiot. "You did that? For me? Babe, I am going to make all of this up to you. As soon as I stop hemorrhaging. I swear." I hope Dominick, Kenneth, Tyler, Heath and Pixie get their own stories because I fell in love with them as much as I did Bobbi Jo and Jax. 

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