Monday, September 23, 2013

Skin Walkers: Leto by Susan A. Bliler

Kinda reading this series out of order and that's totally okay. Leto s*** that man is more barbaric than he is human, "you smell like you're min." He licked his lips but didn't look away from her. "Are you mine Shy?" I mean he's like all 'alpha male', "he was in her face, close, but refused to touch her as he growled, "if you seek release you will come to me. Shy stay away from York unless you want me to kill him!" He's quite possessive, "either get in the car or I'm going to kill them all and take you to the car." He can be caring, and considerate at certain times, "get some sleep my Shy. I will need to eff you again soon. A claiming is exhausting for a Walker's angel." 

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