Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines

Holy s*** was not seeing what happened in the book coming! DAMN YOU ABBI!!! On the plus note I see Woods still has the balls he found in book one this makes me real proud of him (smiles) "enough. Don't ever put yourself on the same level as Della. I didn't ask you to take care of my mother. I can hire someone to help me if I need it. As for Della, she's the reason I get out of bed each morning, so never underestimate her importance." He's still a horny hot toad, "mmm, but if you're here with me I can concentrate. And then you can get naked for me again and be a naughty girl when I need you." You know Woods was never one to wait patiently for things to pan out he and I are alike in that aspect, "I'm holding on by a damn thread. Your phone calls and the fact that I know she's in nice hotels and eating good food is the only effing thing keeping me sane." And Woods goes all out for 'welcome home' par-tays he knows how to throw a good one, "eff," he groaned, and stood up, turning me around to face the wall. "You make me crazy, Della. I was gonna be romantic. You deserve romantic." And what kind of book would this be in the series if there wasn't some hottie Rush in a few scenes, huh ladies? "Told you that hand wasn't over," Rush said, then took a seat across from my desk. "Stop mentally effing her while she's holding my kid." 

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