Sunday, September 22, 2013

Safe With Me by Kristen Proby

Oh Caleb I loved you I really did, but Nate that man still has my heart. Caleb is protective by nature it's just Bryn brings it out more so than normal, "baby," I whisper and tilt her head back until she's looking me in the face. "No one will ever hurt the girls. Ever." You can't help but love the kids in this story Maddie sweet Jesus she was my fave out of the two, "she can sleep in our bed, like Caleb sleeps in Mommy's bed." Angry sex with Caleb is really hot! "you think I didn't see you tonight, sweetheart?" He murmurs between long swipes up and down my pu**y with his tongue. "You think I didn't notice how effing hot your a** and legs looked in those jeans with those eff-me heels on your feet?" Nate and Jules still have my heart in the series. 

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