Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Any one who knows me, knows that I like romance and not really action-y books but I love Jess I just wished there was more Rourke and Jess moments, that's probably why I liked certain parts of the book more than others. Rourke I do like him but I really do wish that James was her mate of course knowing the author they'll probably flip the switch and make James the bad guy (sweet jesus I freakin' hope not) Anyway on to the book and not my thoughts in la-la land. Rourke he really does get offended at certain things, "of course I beheaded her," he growled as he paced forward. "And I took her heart out. Show would have never been able to keep me had she not called the demons. She's never been as strong as I am." Well someone thinks highly of himself. He still makes me all hot though, "my body burned for him. I pushed myself up against him. He growled with pleasure, his blond stubble tickling my chin as he kissed me." Jess that girl I really can't remember enjoying a character more than her, "I was starved for him. As in if I-didn't-get-him-soon-I-might-die kind of starved." Ready for the next installment and honestly I hope it's the last one because these cliffhangers are a b****.

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