Friday, August 30, 2013

Effortless with You by Lizzy Charles

This book had my emotions all twisting and turning and I loved it! Lucy the girl has balls, "no. That wasn't your place. Do you think you're like a god or something? 'You deserved to know.' Total bull. Don't I deserve to be treated with respect?" There was one scene I literally almost peed my pants laughing, "another side effect you may notice is some additional attitude and aggression. She apparently hit that boy rather hard across his face when he carried her into the emergency room." Justin I mean there is more to him that meets the eyes he's just so dreamy, "well, you have more to say than you let people know. Also you are not my number-one fan. And you throw a good punch." I mean there were parts my heart broke, "that's seriously all he cares about, huh? This stupid painting business. Why can't I be somebody to him? To anybody?" This book is about Lucy finding out who she is, and who's worth having in her life and taking out the trash I really did enjoy reading this book.

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