Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beneath the Surface by M.A Stacie

Where to start... I love MMA fighters and cocky a**holes in books so I loved Kyran right off, "I find money allows you to purchase whatever your heart desires. People included." I mean he's really an a** in the beginning, "I have no idea where your desk is. You are not my assistant, and truthfully, I doubt I could afford the distraction." Personally in his own weird way I think he was giving Dale a compliment. Kyran is honest, "that's obvious, I'm around you. I'm horny whenever you're near." He cares for Dale (even though he truly doesn't want to admit it) "Kyran had offered to pay for it, wanting her to have whatever she wanted, regardless of cost." I mean he's really honest, "I want to go slow, to show you how I feel, but I need you so bad right now, baby. I'm a starving man, and you're my banquet. Upstairs?" I'm hoping for Taylor's book next but he has worse issues than Kyran so his book should be real something. 

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