Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Arrangement 9 by H.M. Ward

With this series I kinda well jump the gun and read the last page before I read the rest, I know, I know naughty me, but hey I need to prepare my emotions for certain rounds of Avery VS. Sean moments. Seriously Avery is just cray cray, "“No! Stop lying to me! I can’t take it anymore!” And well Marty he just doesn't help matters worse, but honestly I think he is trying to mend broken fences, “I’m trying to help you. If I’d known you’d go batshit crazy, I would have had Mel here.She’s going to kick my ass when she finds 
out that I broke you.” I must say Mel has some great ideas on how to handle Sean, “You tackle him to the ground like a linebacker and shove the ring over his co**. Then you say, Marry me. Easy peasy.” Sean sort of seemed different in this installment maybe he's finally getting to the point that his girl may just walk away from him, “Eff, and you were with Marty, too? I’m not going to be able to let that guy walk around with his nuts intact, you know that, right?” The cliffhanger wasn't so bad in this one, because I have hope that this series will end soon and Sean and Avery will get their S*** worked out. 

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