Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Razer's Ride by Jamie Begley

I've read some pretty vulgar stuff but Razer that boy just tops the damn cake. I mean he has his good sides, "oh no, you don't. I didn't bust my balls to drive back here breaking the speed limit for you to turn me away. Where are your keys?" Other times he can be well still sweet but maybe harsh is what I'm looking for? "I think you got to know me pretty well." Razer laughed. "Don't worry about all that other s***. It doesn't matter. I am pretty easy to get to know, you already figured out how to make me happy." When Beth and Razer are together and there's nobody with them they actually have a great relationship and Razer is playful, "baby, I can satisfy that hunger right after I satisfy..." There were times he was also a complete a** but we learn the reason why not that I forgave him or anything because it was rough on my emotions. Is this worth the read? I'd say yes but you need to prepare for some vulgar things that aren't in every day lives. 

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