Friday, June 28, 2013

Pole Dance by J.A Hornbuckle

Everyone knows I love a good bada** alpha male character and boy did this book have one. Jake he's every woman's wet dream, let's just be honest, "not gonna say it again. Get your stuff, Darlin' and let's go." He also speaks his mind, "want you, Caitlin. Want to be inside you. Can't think, Darlin' 'cept 'bout buryin' myself in your hot, wetness." See ladies every woman's wet dreams (winks). He's not very fond of Caitlin's bed either, "Darlin'? Need room to play with your while we're naked. Important to me, yeah? So next time, we're at my place." It's funny to get inside Jake's mind to see his reactions to when Caitlin is mad, "his girl was p***ed and had no qualms at him know it." He's not one to repeat himself either, "don't like saying things twice, Darlin'," I heard Jake's impatient rumble in my hair. "Get your s*** and let's go to my place." He loves his girl and doesn't want to lose her, "don't wanna lose my girl over stupid s***, especially not stupid s*** I've done, yeah?" The first time I read the book I liked it the second time I read it I loved it. 

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