Friday, May 31, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW/EXCERPT/GIVEAWAY: Darkness Before Dawn by Claire Contreras

After the cliffhanger in 'There is No Light in Darkness' I was anxiously waiting to get my hands on this bookie, and it did not disappoint me. We see a whole different side of Cole, which is actually quite a good thing, he's no longer the playboy but the worried boyfriend going bonkers not knowing where his woman is, "do you think this is a effing game? My effing girlfriend has been missing for almost a month. The cops won't even look for her anymore. I have no help, I'm about to meet my effing long lost effing parents because I'm that effing desperate. So I'll ask you again, what the eff do you know?" He really does love his woman he'd do absolutely anything for her, "I know, baby. Now let me go dress like a bum." He's still as verbal about what he wants, "are you going to let me eff you or you're just going to do it all on your own standing from there?" I love the side of Blake when she's with Cole she's more carefree and her worried just go bye-bye, "hi baby, thank you for the pizza and for always smelling so good. I missed you and I love you." I'm so glad this book didn't have a cliffhanger, honestly if it did I don't think I could handle it. 

Her eyes glisten and more tears fall freely, but the grip on my heart loosens knowing that these aren’t tears of sadness. I lower my head and kiss her eyes before trailing down her face, consuming her salty tears and leaving loving soft kisses in their wake. When I reach her soft pouty lips, I lick the bottom one slowly before sucking it into my mouth and letting out a low moan at the feel and taste of it. My hands trail down over the swells of her breasts and continue to the hem of her shirt before I slowly inch it up and place my hands on her tiny waist. She leans into my touch, giving me permission to continue, and I inch my fingers slowly to her breasts, tucking them under her bra and kneading at them gently. She sighs against my mouth and our tongues dance sensually against one another before I pull her shirt over her head and bury my face in her neck, sucking it as I unsnap her bra. When I draw my head back from her, she clutches my dress shirt and pulls me towards her, giving me a sensual kiss as she begins to slowly undress me. She lets my dress shirt fall below us and pulls my undershirt over my head, tossing it to the side before turning her attention to my belt. The tips of her hand tuck into my boxers and she pulls everything down to my feet assisting me in stepping out of them. While I shake off one of my pant legs, she unexpectedly squeezes me, making me hiss out a breath and my heart speed up. My dick twitches when she starts to lower herself on to her knees, looking up at me through her sexy hooded eyes. When I feel her tongue circle the tip of it, I put my hands on her head and throw my head back with a moan. I begin to draw slow circles on her scalp as she takes me in deeper. Her whimper resonates through my body and causes me to clutch on to her hair.

“Blake,” I breathe. “You need to...oh...fuuuuck. You. Shit.” I can’t form words to let her know that I’m going to come in her mouth if she doesn’t stop soon. Instead, I channel every ounce of power in my body to push her shoulders back slightly. She pouts when my dick falls away from her mouth and looks up at me licking those luscious lips of hers. The way she licks and bites her bottom lip always drives me to the edge. I pick her up quickly, making her squeal and laugh in surprise before I toss her on our bed.

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